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Steve King Denies Calling Immigrants “Dirt” Despite Audio Confirming His Comments

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(Image: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons)

Iowa Rep. Steve King’s virulent bigotry is well known. From spreading white nationalist conspiracies to implying that non-white children aren’t American, King’s track record speaks for itself.

Despite representing a deeply conservative district, his racism nearly cost him in the recent midterms; he won by only 3 percent, far short of the 20 percent leads he normally commands.

On the heels of the recent election, yet another incident underscoring King’s hatred is making headlines. Adam Rubenstein of the The Weekly Standard—a conservative news publication—reported that King referred to immigrants as “dirt” during a small campaign event in Iowa. King’s campaign responded by suggesting that the news magazine was turning into an “antifa” publication and that Rubenstein fabricated the story.

King’s strategy backfired tremendously; The Weekly Standard released the full audio of the exchange in question, proving the validity of the reporting.

Considering House Republicans moved to censure King following his visit with far-right white nationalists in Europe this year, the continuously growing body of evidence showing King to be a strident racist should have barred him from holding a leadership position long ago.

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