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Following Manafort and Cohen Convictions, Trump’s Criminality Is Beyond Dispute

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(Image: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons)

Yesterday was historic. Donald Trump’s former lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight crimes, including tax evasion and campaign finance violations. In court, Cohen stated that Trump personally directed him to make hush payments to alleged mistresses. His lawyer, Lanny Davis, has since told the press that Cohen has flipped and is willing to testify regarding Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia.

“Michael Cohen knows information that would be of interest to the Special Counsel regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt American democracy by the Russians and the failure to report that knowledge to the FBI,” Davis said on MSNBC.

Duke law professor Lisa Kern told Vox that Trump “is all but an unindicted co-conspirator” in the Cohen case.

Meanwhile, a jury in Virginia found former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort guilty on eight counts of tax fraud-related crimes. This occurred mere weeks before Manafort faces yet another trial in D.C. for a variety of charges. He could face up to 80 years in prison (though Trump could still pardon him).

Yesterday’s chaos does not stop there. Duncan Hunter—a Republican representative from California—was indicted for using a quarter of a million dollars in campaign funding for a litany of personal errands and purchases. Hunter was one of the first two congressmen to endorse Trump during the Republican primary (the other individual, Chris Collins, has incidentally already been arrested for a different crime: insider trading).

The world around Trump is filled with wannabe mafiosos. Despite this, has Trump survived, drifting past political crises that would have toppled any other elected official. This week’s extraordinary developments, however, may be the beginning of the end. Trump’s criminality is beyond dispute. And as this fact becomes more difficult to ignore, the enablers that have permitted Trump’s abuse of power thus far may have no choice but to dump the fraudulent reality TV star currently occupying the White House.

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