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Pro-Business GOP Stands By As Trump Calls For Boycott of U.S. Company

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(Brian Snelson, Creative Commons)

While the bombshells from Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book continue to circulate among the press and on social media, another big White House story is flying under the radar: Trump’s public call for a boycott on a U.S. company.

Trump’s attack on Harley-Davidson emerges from a months long war of words between the flailing president and the iconic motorcycle company. The firm announced that it may move its manufacturing overseas as a result of Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The EU retaliated to Trump’s ill-begotten tariff war by targeting a number of U.S. goods with onerous tariffs, including Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

“Many @harleydavidson owners plan to boycott the company if manufacturing moves overseas. Great!” Trump recently proclaimed in a tweet.

Meanwhile, rank-and-file Republicans have remained silent while their president publicly bashes U.S. businesses. Once again, the GOP abandons its supposed principles to support Trump’s scattershot, destructive, and nonsensical agenda.

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