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Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Trump Border Policy May Have Separated U.S. Family

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In a horrific revelation, the Department of Justice admitted this week that the government may have separated a child from his parent—both of whom are U.S. citizens—for a year under Trump’s zero-tolerance border policy.

The Trump Administration has come under fire as details have emerged of children housed alone in concentration camps, removed from their families. Even though the government has walked back its brutal policy—inspired by white nationalist advisor Stephen Miller—it has struggled to reunite the families affected by its actions.

This week’s news that the government may have pulled apart a family of U.S. citizens has unleashed a new torrent of criticism of the Trump Administration, which has displayed both callousness and incompetence in pursuing its nativist agenda.

Lee Gelernt of the ACLU remarked that the “fact that a citizen got caught up in this mess shows just how poor the government’s record-keeping was.”

Despite the end of family separation, the Trump Administration plans on keeping families imprisoned for months at a time to ensure that adults are tried as criminals. Far from deterring border crossings (which are at a historic low), these actions further destabilize the border region.

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