U.S. Allies Stonewall Trump’s Suspicious Call To Invite Russia Back Into G7

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Ahead of the G7 summit in Canada, Trump has called for Russia to be reinstated. Russia was kicked out of the group—which meets annually to discuss economics and world affairs—in 2014 after Putin authorized and oversaw the annexation of Crimea, then part of Ukraine.

As the Mueller investigation unfolds, critics have pointed out Trump’s suspicious leniency on Russia on a number of matters as an indication of his potential debt to Russian authorities. Trump has delayed enacting sanctions passed by Congress in retaliation for Russia’s interference in the 2016 election cycle.

Trump’s call to invite Russia back into the G7 stunned U.S. allies, who wasted little time shooting down the idea. Canada and the UK have both said that they will not support such a move.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse expressed his outrage over Trump’s pro-Russia stance:

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