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World Cup: English Defender Advises Family Against Traveling To Russia Due To Racist Fans

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(Image: Flickr user johnthescone, Creative Commons)

An all-star defender on the English national team has warned his family not to attend the upcoming World Cup in Russia due to concerns about racism in the country.

Danny Rose told reporters that FIFA’s punishment system for racism is “disgusting,” citing the governing body’s response to Russia’s fans taunting black players during a match against Russia this past March. Russia received a fine of £22,000 for their fans’ behavior, an amount that Rose ridiculed as insignificant.

“I don’t want to sound arrogant but if I had been fined £22,000—without sounding big-headed—it wouldn’t make a difference,” Rose said. “A country being fined £22,000 is just laughable.”

Reports have indicated an increase of homophobic and virulently racist chants among Russian soccer fans recently. So far this year, 19 incidents of bigoted chants have been recorded compared to just two last year.

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