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GOP In The Gutter: Party To Send “Lyin Lion” To Follow Comey On Book Tour

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In response to former FBI Director James Comey’s tell-all book that details Trump’s mafioso tendencies, the GOP has turned to playground taunts by putting up the website www.LyinComey.com. The RNC’s childish antics are embarrassing to say the least, and represent the party’s complete capitulation to the cult of Trump, its leader and would-be despot.

Doubling down on its stupidity, the GOP will send out a paid RNC staffer to follow James Comey on his book tour. The staffer will play act as the “Lyin Lion,” a bizarre, made-up character that the public is apparently supposed to find clever.

While the GOP wastes its time on senseless stunts defend Trump’s misconduct, the party is nosediving into a midterm season that looks increasingly bleak for its candidates. Maybe Republicans should reconsider their priorities?

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