Forfeiting All Credibility, The RNC Launches LyninComey.Com

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This Sunday, ABC will air an explosive interview with former FBI Director James Comey. During the interview, Comey labels Trump a “mob boss” and offers more uncensored hot takes on the legally embattled president.

Trump is in a tight spot. The recent FBI raid on Michael Cohen—trusted Trump lawyer and loyal goon—has apparently sent Trump into a tailspin, and a handful of GOP senators have jumped on board with Democrats to pass a bill protecting Special Counsel Mueller from getting the axe.

Despite the increasing likelihood that the sitting president engaged in some sort of highly illegal activities, there are still some Trump allies that cannot let go, including the RNC.

In an embarrassing, desperate display, the RNC unveiled LyinComey.Com in an effort to discredit Comey ahead of Sunday’s interview and his forthcoming book, set to come out next Tuesday. This childish insult-driven strategy (no doubt inspired by the infantile Trump) is too little too late. Voters trust Comey more than Trump, and even putting a dent in Comey’s credibility will not spare Trump’s inner circle from the legal reckoning that is coming. There are simply too many moving pieces.

The website may actually be a sign that folks at the RNC are incriminated in some aspect of the ongoing investigations. Recall that Cohen served as the national deputy finance chair of the RNC until the committee silently removed him from its website.

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