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As Parkland Teens Talk Policy, GOP Adults Turn To Bullying—Just Like Trump

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The GOP has sunk to astonishing moral lows in the Trump-era. The party of Lincoln has turned a blind eye as its incompetent president compulsively lies and threatens global and domestic security through his venal self-centeredness.

The problem has gotten so bad that Republicans are simply turning into mirror images of Trump. After the horrific Parkland, Florida shooting, teen survivors have bravely organized, calling for common sense gun reform and orchestrating the enormous March for Our Lives. Poised and thoughtful, these young adults have kept their mission squarely focused on policy changes.

In the Republican worldview—which has grown more extreme than ever—the students’ political activities are invalid, and the teenagers themselves are purely pernicious and even subhuman. One state candidate in Maine named Leslie Gibson called one of the activists a “skinhead lesbian.” Ted Nugent labeled the teens “mushy-brained” and “soulless.”

Yet another childish, brazenly cruel round of insults from the Republican fold emerged from Ron Beaty, a GOP candidate for the state legislature in Massachusetts. Beaty has publicly labeled Parkland survivor David Hogg a “socialist twit” and a “communist pig,” along with a slew of equally mindless insults that—for the record—originated in the mind of a grown man. In a tweet, Beaty made clear that he has no intention of apologizing.

Turns out that ad hominem attacks on teenage mass shooting survivors and political fanaticism make up the lifeblood of today’s debased GOP.

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