The GOP in 2018: Neo-Nazi Republican Wins in Illinois

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(Photo Credit: Billy Hathorn, Creative Commons)

Over the past few years, the GOP has steadily drifted rightward, promoting a nativist brand of politics that seems completely out-of-step in the 21st century.

As polling shows voters souring on the GOP, the party’s so-called moderates are fleeing in droves, with dozens retiring from Congress in anticipation of a route in the upcoming midterms. The party has held fast to its support for extremists despite the warning signs. Recall that Congressional leadership dedicated resources to elect Roy Moore, who was the target of credible sexual assault allegations and a noted bigot.

Last night, the GOP’s brand has taken yet another turn for the worse. The 70-year old Arthur Jones — a self-described neo-Nazi and Holocaust-denier — won an uncontested primary in Illinois, becoming the Republican candidate for the state’s 3rd Congressional district.

His campaign site includes a page featuring Nazi propaganda arguing that Germany did not commit genocide during WWII.

Not too long ago, such a development may have seemed impossible. But as the GOP struggles to find winning candidates for this November. it is paying the price for its racist pandering. This may be the beginning of the end for the Republican Party.

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