Super Bowl LII
Photo By: Sgt. Austin Hazard, Creative Commons

Philly Police Use Grease To Keep Eagles Fans Down From Lamp Posts

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It’s an exciting time to be a Philadelphia sports fan. The city has seen dearth of professional championships among all its major sports teams for years (the Phillies won the world series in 2008).

This Sunday, the Eagles will face off against the New England Patriots in one of the most hotly anticipated sporting events in recent Philly history. The storied Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, and the prospect of securing a Vince Lombardi Trophy this year has the city astir.

Philly’s excitable fans, in fact, have led the city’s police department to apply lard on lampposts to deter Philadelphians from climbing them, which is a popular celebratory activity in the city.

The efforts to keep fans down, however, failed after the Eagles 38 – 7 win over the Minnesota Vikings.

According to police spokesperson, the department has more tricks up its sleeves.

The prospect of violence in the wake of high profile sporting events haunts major sports hubs across North America. In 2011, Vancouver erupted in riots following the Canucks loss to the Boston Bruins. Back in 1990, 7 people were killed in the mayhem caused by that year’s NBA finals.

Super Bowl LII comes with big stakes – hopefully fans and the authorities can tamper the passion and create a safe environment for everyone.

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