Trump Allies Frayed
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Dutch Allies Less Likely To Share Intelligence Because Of Trump

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While Donald Trump may be among the few willing to publicly deny Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections, there is now more incontrovertible proof than ever before that hackers working for Russian intelligence stole the DNC’s emails in an effort to undermine the race.

Local news reports in the Netherlands have confirmed that the General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (AIVD) successfully hacked Russia’s “Cozy Bear” group, a cadre of hackers assembled in Russia for the specific purpose of interfering in U.S. elections.

Dutch intelligence was even able to access CCTV cameras from the premises where “Cozy Bear” operated, allowing them to individually identify operatives known to work in Russian intelligence.

The Netherlands’ counter-espionage efforts enabled the nation to directly warn the U.S. State Department in 2014 that passwords had been compromised by Russian hackers, thus preventing potentially egregious damage stemming from Russian cyber crimes.

Dutch officials, however, have grown dismayed as Trump and his allies denigrate their efforts  by continuously denying Russian interference. Dutch journalist Huib Modderkolk from the paper de Volkskrant’s writes that the Dutch government will be lot more cautious when it comes to sharing intelligence” with the United States on account of Trump’s duplicitous behavior.

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