Sign Of GOP Decline? Deep Red Wisconsin District Elects Dem. To State Senate

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Pundits and journalists have written extensively about a potential Democratic wave in the midterm elections. The GOP’s popularity has suffered terribly under Donald Trump, the least popular president in polling history. The party is further hamstrung by its deeply unpopular agenda.

Results from a special election in Wisconsin on Tuesday may indicate that the Republican Party is in fact facing a doomsday scenario later this year. Patty Schachtner – a Democrat running in the state’s 10th Senate District – defeated her Republican rival Rep. Adam Jarchow.

This small district in Wisconsin may seem inconsequential. An overview of its voting track record, however, reveals that the GOP may be holding on to power by a thread: Barack Obama lost the district to Mitt Romney by 6 points, and Hilary Clinton lost it to Trump by an enormous 17 point margin.

An underdog Democrat winning a deep red, formerly pro-Trump district is further evidence that the GOP’s overarching strategy is failing, and that the party may be coming apart at the seams.

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