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Photo: Luigi Novi, Creative Commons

Following Controversial Suicide Video, YouTube Cuts Official Ties With Logan Paul

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Logan Paul – the 22-year old YouTube star popular with teenagers – attracted widespread condemnation on December 31 when he posted a video in which he and friends crack jokes near the body of a suicide victim they stumbled across in Aokigahara, a forest located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan. Paul’s YouTube channel commands just under 16 million viewers

The area where Paul shot the video is known as “suicide forest,” a macabre nickname drawn from the fact that many individuals commit suicide there.

In response to the controversial video, YouTube has severed its official ties with Paul, which include a spot on the website’s YouTubeRed show as well as access to its blue chip advertising program, which generates significant earnings for popular vloggers.

The last video on Paul’s channel was on January 2, and features him apologozing and stating that he was “taking time to reflect.”

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