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#CorkerKickback: Corruption Runs Deep in GOP Tax Bill

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There is little doubt who the GOP tax bill is designed for: Republicans’ mega-donors and the nation’s 1%.

From special interests whose industries were given extra consideration to hedge fund managers, the legislation is a massive give away to the highest earners. It actually raises tax rates on the nation’s poorest over time.

Among the wealthy who stand to benefit from the bill include elected Republicans themselves. The makeup of the US Congress embodies the intense inequality that plagues the United States, as both chambers are mostly made up of millionaires.

In efforts to corral enough votes to pass the legislation, Republicans even jammed in last minute measures that enrich individual holdouts. Thus was the case with Senator Bob Corker.

Corker initially said he did not intent to vote for the bill as it will dramatically increase that nation’s deficit (a fact that underscores the hypocrisy that runs deep in the GOP). In an abrupt about face, Corker has since changed his mind, even though no attempt was made to address his concerns.

What change ultimately appealed to Corker’s good sense? A specific clause that would drastically reduce the senator’s taxes (and, for that matter, the taxes of Donald Trump). The “Corker provision” permits real estate owners to deduct massive amounts of pass-through income through sole proprietorships.

The fact that the one holdout among Senate Republicans changed his mind only after a clause was inserted that specifically benefits him is a blatant display of Republican corruption. Corker has announced that he will not run for reelection, a decision billed as a noble stand against the political culture engulfing his party. Now the nation sees Corker’s departure for what it is: a cynical politician enriching himself and bolting for the exit before the masses figure out that they have been royally screwed.

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