Moore Sexual Assault
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Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse: GOP Support For Moore Sends “Terrible Message”

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Just weeks after establishment Republicans distanced themselves from the accused child molester and GOP senate candidate Roy Moore, the RNC silently started supporting the embattled Alabama extremist again, and politicians began equivocating about the party’s connections with the candidate.

Mitch McConnell – about as craven as politicians come – announced that the nation should “let the people of Alabama decide,” all while calling on Democratic Senator Al Franken to resign.

Not all Republicans, however, are stomaching the GOP’s perverse hypocrisy and stunning display of narrow self-interest. Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse announced that he would not participate in GOP Senate fundraising efforts so long as the party’s committee keeps supporting the accused child molester.

“This is a bad decision and very sad day. I believe the women,” Sasse wrote, “and RNC previously did too. What’s changed? Or is the party just indifferent?”

Sasse remarked that financial support for Moore “sends a terrible message,” and stated that if “the political committee that I’m a part of decides to contribute here, I will no longer be a donor to or fund-raiser for it.”


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