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Pence, Whose Wife Thinks Trump Is “Vile,” Told RNC He Was Prepared To Step Up After Hollywood Access Tape Emerged

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Several stories emerging Tuesday paint a bleak picture of how people close to Trump view him.

During the final months of the 2016 campaign, Mike Pence and Reince Priebus allegedly plotted to replace Trump following the release of the Access Hollywood tape which features Trump bragging about committing sexual assault. Pence relayed his readiness to the RNC, which purportedly toyed with the idea of drafting Condoleezza Rice to take over as the ticket’s VP candidate.

Priebus has called the report “100% false.”

This news comes from a profile on Pence featured in The Atlantic, which also quotes a former Trump aid explaining the opinion that Pence’s wife holds of Trump: “She finds him reprehensible — just totally vile,” the aid told the magazine.

Along with other embarrassing revelations over the past few months – including Gary Cohn faking bad reception to get off the phone with Trump and Rex Tillerson purportedly calling Trump a “moron” – it appears that those in Trump’s inner orbit have a very low opinion of Trump.

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