Trump Supports Child Molester
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To Secure Tax Cuts That Will Benefit His Family, Trump Reaffirms Support For Child Molester

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Trump doubled down on his endorsement of accused child molester and far-right extremist Roy Moore.

“[W]e need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” Trump tweeted Monday, arguing that supporting Doug Jones was far worse.

Part of Trump’s support for Moore stems from his desire to see the Republican party’s disastrous tax plan pass. The legislation would greatly exacerbate the national debt (something that conservatives supposedly care about), while disproportionately benefiting those in the wealthiest income bracket.

Various analyses put the Trump family’s savings from the tax cuts in the tens of millions, though Trump – no stranger to bold-faced lies – continues telling crowds that the legislation will have a negative financial impact on his family.

With the face of the Republican party throwing his weight behind someone who sexually assaulted underage girls in order to pass a tax bill designed to appease Republicans’ rapacious funders, the GOP’s cravenness and self-interest are on clear display.

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