House Of Horrors: Potential White House Reshuffle Threatens National Security

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In what appears to be yet another one of Trump’s childish designs to humiliate someone in his orbit, the White House threw a veil of uncertainty over Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job yesterday.

Reports swirled around Washington that his departure is imminent. Chief of Staff John Kelly is allegedly behind the plot, which – if and when it occurs – would make director of the CIA Mike Pompeo Secretary of State. Far-right Senator Tom Cotton would take over as the head of the CIA.

Pompeo and Cotton are both staunch Trump loyalists, unlike Tillerson, who has purportedly referred to Trump as a “moron” and publicly distanced himself from the flailing president after his grotesque remarks in the wake of the neo-Nazi terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The two are also fervently anti-Iran. Cotton supports air strikes against the nation, meaning that a Trump cabinet with him leading the CIA could push the nation into a pointless and costly war.

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