Extremist Roy Moore
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Report: PAC Backing Child Molester Moore Led By White Nationalist

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After revelations emerged that Republican Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore preyed upon underage girls as a grown man, support for the radical right-wing politician has waned. His most stalwart backers on the far-right, however, remain enthusiastic about his candidacy, including Breitbart and other conspiracy-minded outlets and individuals.

Project Veritas – an extremist organization led by James O’Keefe – was recently caught red-handed trying to dupe Washington Post reporters into believing an account provided by someone posing as a victim of Moore’s unwelcome advances as a child. The ploy to discredit the Post by getting the paper to believe a falsified story has backfired spectacularly, underscoring the credibility of the non-fabricated accounts while unraveling the right’s lie that the whole thing is made up.

Another damning detail regarding Moore’s constellation of loony backers came to light November 29 in a report by IndyStar. The newspaper has uncovered the white nationalist ties of Caleb Christopher Shumaker, the head of Indiana First PAC. The PAC has been a vocal proponent of Moore’s candidacy, and the Alabama Republican recently bragged about the group’s endorsement.

Shumaker was a member of the National Youth Front in 2014. The group acts as a youth branch for the American Freedom Party, an organization founded by neo-Nazi skinheads in California. In an interview, the party’s chairman remarked that “the initial basis of our own upstart organization is the racial nationalist movement.”

Following the revelations regarding his past, Shumaker claimed that his membership was short and that he left because of the group’s racism.

He was, however, recruited by a noted neo-Nazi into an organization with explicitly white nationalist politics. In this situation, his explanations for participating in such an odious, racist political party do not merit the benefit of the doubt. 

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