Angry About Trump’s Ruthless Agenda? Support These Nonprofits For #GivingTuesday

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Trump and the GOP-controlled congress are hell-bent on making the lives of everyday Americans more difficult. From a brutal tax plan that will both exacerbate the debt and raise taxes on non-millionaires to attempts to repeal vital parts of the Affordable Healthcare Act, the current administration is jeopardizing the wellbeing of so many through self-serving policies that only enrich their wealthy funders at the expense of everyone else.

While we can cross our fingers that the GOP will close 2017 without any legislative victories (thus hamstringing their effectiveness in the lead up to next year’s midterms) and that Trump will be indicted as part of the ongoing Russia probe, there are battles that need to be fought now.

For #GivingTuesday, consider supporting these nonprofits fighting Trump and the GOP’s horrendous agenda.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

As Comcast rolls out plans for “fast lanes” that would create a virtual caste system on the internet, the Electronic Frontier Foundation continues to advocate for internet freedoms and privacy. With the FCC gearing up to repeal net neutrality rules, this organization is agitating for a free and open internet.

Nebraska recently gave the green light for the XL Pipeline. After American Indians and clean water protesters came out and fought passionately for the protection of sacred lands that the pipeline threatens, this is a jab in the eye, supported by the failing president Trump. has helpful tools to document and organize actions against the pipeline, making the organization a worthwhile recipient of your generosity this #GivingTuesday.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund

Cruel, pointless, reactionary: Trump’s ban on trans individuals serving in the military and rollback of Obama-era measures protecting the civil rights of transgender people is in insult to common decency. The Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is fighting important legal battles right now on behalf of trans citizens. Considering that many of the GOP’s ruthless attacks on the LGBTQ community occur in the legal system, a gift to this organization will go a long way in supporting trans rights.


Trump has routinely threatened the United States’ free press, hinting at withdrawing licenses and promoting business deals that would eliminate critics of his impotent and flailing administration. This climate calls for even greater, more rigorous independent journalism. ProPublica is a nonprofit news organization with no special interests bankrolling its operations. Without such shackles, this group can fearlessly report stories about abuses of power. Consider a gift to ProPublica to help shore up the nation’s freedom of the press.

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