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Mueller’s DOJ Request Indicates Trouble For Trump

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Generally speaking, Trump is in trouble. His poll numbers have steadily declined over the past year, and members of his own party openly discuss his instability and childishness.

One Trump supporter told The Daily Beast that “[Trump’s] embarrassed me by his behavior,” and Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has credited Trump for the “debasement of our nation.”

Outside of these quotidian political considerations (unpopularity, ineffective party coalitions), there is, of course, the specter of Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Trump Campaign’s potential collusion with Russian authorities, and the latest document request issued by the investigation’s team indicates a rough road ahead for the White House.

Mueller’s team has, according to ABC, requested documents from the Department of Justice that relate to Trump’s firing of then FBI Director James Comey. This is a remarkable turn of events. Technically, the DOJ oversees Mueller’s mandate to investigate, so taking such a bold step could suggest looming legal action against someone in Trump’s orbit.

In a memo released after Comey’s firing, Trump claimed that the primary reason for the FBI director’s ouster was for his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, though he later said on national television that the Russia investigation influenced his decision. Furthermore, it has since emerged that there was another memo that was not publicly released. Trump aid Stephen Miller has purportedly been interviewed by Mueller’s team regarding this document.

To top off this spate of bad news for the Trump camp, longtime-Trump confidant and advisor Hope Hicks will appear for an interview with officials from the investigation. Having had such close contact with Trump throughout the campaign and the first  year of his tenure, Hicks is in a position to reveal damning details about the White House’s lies on a number of topics, including Donald Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Clinton, as well as Trump’s firing of Comey.

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