Roy Moore Sex Allegations
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Day Before Child Sex Allegations Emerged, Roy Moore Reaffirmed Opposition To “Transgenders”

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Alabama Republican senate candidate Roy Moore is in deep trouble. A bombshell report from the Washington Post has painted a disturbing portrait of the far-right extremist, citing interviews with four women who allege that Moore made sexual advances on them when they were young.

One of the accounts includes accusations of molestation, stating the Moore made the 14 year old victim touch his genitals.

The disgraced former judge has attracted scrutiny since he beat the slightly more moderate Luther Strange in the primary for December’s special election. He has claimed that 9/11 was punishment for the nation’s sins, called Islam a false religion, and has called for banning homosexual intercourse.

Just Wednesday, Moore reaffirmed his opposition to “transgenders,” stating that they “don’t have rights.” But his extreme, out-of-touch brand of morality apparently accepts pedophilia.

Establishment Republicans – including Mitch McConnell – have announced that Moore needs to drop out if the accusations are true. This close to election day, no new candidates can be added to the ballot, meaning that if Moore dropped out the seat would go to his Democratic opponent.

Some right-wing extremists, however, are standing by the embattled candidate, including Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler, who – in his defense of Moore – said “take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.”

Republicans have shown a willingness to rollover for sexual predators. One need look no further than the current, deeply unpopular president. What they ultimately decide to do this time with the senate up for grabs is anyone’s guess.

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