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Far-Right Voter Suppression: Robocalls Give Voters Misinformation In Virginia

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Voters in a key swing-county in Virginia have purportedly received robocalls providing false information regarding their polling places.

The calls began as early as Friday, and have reached an unknown number of individuals. The Prince Williams County Democratic Committee has received at least 32 complaints from area residents reporting the deceitful robocalls.

As Rob Williams of the county election board informed the Intercept, any polling location changes must be made 60 days before the election at the latest.

The Prince Williams NAACP released a statement confirming the calls are warning voters to be vigilant. “It is vital that everyone knows these phone calls are fraudulent and are attempted voter suppression,” the statement read.

Tuesday’s race between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie (a former moderate Republican who has adopted Trump’s far-right bluster) is tight, and many analysts consider it a bellwether to gauge the public’s mood under Trump, who is the least popular president in modern history.

Hillary Clinton won Virginia in the 2016 presidential election, meaning that a loss to a figure mimicking Trump’s persona would constitute an embarrassing blow to the Democratic party.

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