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Carter Page: A Fool For the Ages

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Former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page has politicians and pundits scratching their heads after a positively bizarre hearing during which he seemed to confirm that Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury.

Appearing before the House Intelligence Committee, Page ranted about dubious Clinton-related conspiracies while also contradicting himself frequently and throwing fellow Trump advisors under the bus.

The biggest bombshell involved his remarks on Sessions, who – under oath – told Congress that he knew of no attempts by Trump campaign staff to contact Russian authorities during the campaign.

Page confirmed that he had told Sessions of his trip to meet Russian politicians and officials from a state-run oil company in Russia, and that former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos (who has since admitted to the FBI of lying under oath and has become a “cooperating witness”), sent emails regarding his Russian connections to Trump’s entire National Security team, which Sessions helmed.

Since Sessions’ initial testimony, the embattled attorney general has slowly tweaked his story. Due to recent revelations, lawmakers are calling on Sessions to explain himself.

The White House has tried to dismiss Papadopoulos’ role in the campaign as middling and characterize the NatSec team as an inconsequential group in an attempt to put the implications of these revelations to bed. It seems, however, that with each passing day the significance of both Papadopoulos and the NatSec team as integral parts of the Trump campaign grows.

During Page’s testimony, he also confirmed that he suggested Trump speak in Russia during the campaign to fellow advisors.

When reflecting on Steve Bannon’s attempts to get him to stop talking to the press, Page told the committee: “I am the biggest embarrassment surrounding the campaign.”

He will probably not end up being the biggest embarrassment, as the individuals he has helped incriminate through his recklessness occupy more important positions than he ever did, and could go down as part of the biggest political scandal in modern US history.

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