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Jeff Flake Takes Trump To Task For Politicizing NYC Terror Attack

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Trump is remarkably good at blaming other people. This is one of the chief ironies regarding the right’s support for the deeply unpopular president. How can conservatives, who supposedly believe in personal responsibility, so reflexively default to blaming others for all their woes?

It is a combination of Trump’s most pathetic characteristics and his need to distract as the FBI probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 election begins snatching up his former campaign members that likely led to his latest self-serving doozy: singling out Chuck Schumer for blame for the NYC terror attack.

Trump tweeted:

The terrorist came into our country through what is called the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program,” a Chuck Schumer beauty, I want merit based.

The Diversity Visa program permits entry into the United States to individuals from nations with low immigration rates. The reports that the attacker in NYC Tuesday – an Uzbek national who had been residing in Tampa until recently – immigrated through this program remain unconfirmed.

Trying to lay blame squarely at the feet of Schumer, who had a role in developing the program in the 90s, is a simplistic and gross display of Trump’s perennial inability to unify in times of tragedy.

Furthermore, singularly connecting the attack to the senator is disingenuous, as Jeff Falke – a regular Trump critic on the right – reminded the failing president on Twitter.

Turns out that Schumer – along with the rest of the so-called “Gang of 8” – was prepared to do away with the program as part of a larger reform package that received bipartisan support in the Senate. It was only torpedoed by the Republican-controlled House.

If one were to use Trump’s same reasoning, then it looks like then-house speaker John Boehner is at fault. But much of the nation holds slightly higher standards of logical thinking than the embattled Trump.

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