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Harvey Weinstein, left.

Sleazy Harvey Weinstein Sues Weinstein Company

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While the news regarding Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior has been a chilling reminder of the US society’s rampant rape culture, it may serve as a watershed moment.

The #MeToo campaign has empowered people to be open about their experiences, and underscored that sexually abusive men cannot hide behind a culture of silence in 2017.

In the Weinstein affair’s latest development, the predator film producer has sued the company he founded – Weinstein Co. – for emails that will, according to his lawyers, exonerate him. The complaint reads in part:

Mr Weinstein believes that his email account – which is the primary, if not only, account he used during the term of his employment by the company – will contain information exonerating him…

The lawsuit also endeavors to prevent financial damage to the company. Weinstein and his brother Bob Weinstein maintain the largest investments in the firm.

The accusations against Weinstein range from rape to bizarre, lewd behavior, such as storming uninvited into women’s rooms and masterbating.

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