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Upset At Being Labeled A Nazi, Alt-Righter Murders Father

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Propping up the entire alt-right movement are a propensity and fondness for violence. The scenes out of Charlottesville confirmed as much, with legions of white men brandishing torches in an obvious homage to the violent lynching mobs set off by the KKK as well as the paramilitary street violence of Germany’s Nazi party.

Self-riotous in the exercise of their “free speech,” alt-right adherents enjoy riling up people through racial slurs and antagonistic behavior, but cannot deal with the same treatment. Recall Christopher Cantwell, a neo-nazi movement leader present at Charlottesville who talked a big game in an interview on Vice News only to film himself sobbing as the repercussions of his actions became evident.

Yet another far-right activist has lashed out at being criticized for their outright racism. This time, the end result was utterly tragic.

Lane Davis – a 33 year old Washington state resident – stabbed his father after he called his son a Nazi. The unemployed extremist had previously interned for Milo Yiannopoulos and was an ardent Trump supporter and conspiracy theorist. He published pro-Trump raps and – according to a statement from Yiannopoulos to The Daily Beast – turned on his former boss and threatened him with falsified and damaging information on Reddit.

In one Tweet, Davis suggested that journalists be rounded up and put into concentration camps:

He also frequently accused Democrats of attempting to gather conservatives into labor camps as well as collaborating with jihadist terrorists.

Davis has pleaded not guilty.

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