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Welcome To Trumpcare: With Executive Order, POTUS Now Owns Healthcare System

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Late last night Donald Trump announced an executive order that scraps the federal subsidies that make Obamacare possible. This move will undoubtedly throw the health markets into complete disarray, especially without any other program to put in ACA’s place.

Essentially, the move erases $7 billion in federal subsidies that helped lower healthcare costs so people who qualified among lower income brackets could afford healthcare plans for their families.

“Dems should call me to fix!” Trump tweeted. This kind of politicking is revolting. People’s lives will be directly impacted, and many could die as their premiums skyrocket.

There will be a fight, certainly. State attorney generals have threatened to sue the Trump Administration following last night’s bombshell.

Hopefully the resistance can come out on top, because the results from Trump’s barbaric executive order will be deadly. By next year, one million people will lose healthcare due to Trump’s recklessness. The national deficit will actually get worse.

Intellectually bankrupt, the Republican party ascended to power on the coattails of Trump’s demagoguery and bigotry. Once in power, Republicans could not follow through with their promise to repeal the conservative boogeyman of Obamacare for the simple reason that they lied. They were never capable of offering better healthcare for less without the government’s involvement. Paul Ryan, the supposed policy wonk of the Republican party-turned complacent lapdog for an off-the-rails president, could offer up only a worse version of Obamacare.

While Trump will try and argue this is the opposition party’s fault, make no mistake: without any other plan in place, Trump has thrown a policy bomb into the US healthcare system. What results from this callousness and hubris is Trump’s fault alone.

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