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Royal Fool: UK Retracts Red Carpet For Trump

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Immediately after British PM Theresa May invited Donald Trump for a Royal visit, an immense backlash ensued.

Trump is wildly unpopular in the UK. The beleaguered US president attacked London Mayor Sadiq Khan while a terror attack was ongoing in London. Members of the Conservative Party were openly calling out Trump’s sexism and demanding May cancel the visit. Projections held that up to 2 million Britons would pour out to publicly protest Trump.

British citizens were also outraged at the expected cost of the looming visit. Trump embarrassingly demanded that he receive a ride in the Queen’s golden carriage, which – outside of the childishness of the request – would have also required expensive security protocols in order to pull off.

All of these variables have come to a head this week, with May effectively canceling the Royal visit. Trump’s journey to the UK in 2018 will more closely resemble a working visit, and will not include a meeting with the Queen.

While Trump challenges his own cabinet members to IQ tests and ignores the deaths of US soldiers in Niger, his popularity inside the United States is plumetting quickly, descending to the depths where his polling among Europeans has lingered for a while now.

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