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Sens. Burr And Warner Provide Update On Intel Committee’s Russia Investigation

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The chair and co-chair of the senate intelligence committee – Republican Richard Burr of North Carolina and Democrat Mark Warner of Virginia, respectively – provided an update today on the committee’s investigation into Russian interference in the US election and potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian agents.

This week, the nation learned that Russia continued to buy misleading ads on social media following the election, and that during the campaign Russia targeted key swing states including Michigan and Wisconsin.

Today, Burr and Warner told reporters that the intel committee has interviewed more than 100 individuals as part of their investigation, acquired 250 hours of recorded interviews, and accumulated 100,000 pages of documents, many from the Trump campaign.

According to Burr, both Obama officials and Trump campaign officials have cooperated with the investigation, later adding that some Trump officials are expected to come back to undergo expanded questioning.

During the press conference, Burr told the media that they have also interviewed scores of foreign nationals, some who slipped in and out without attracting headlines because “you don’t know who they are.”

While commenting that certain lines of inquiry – such as the infamous Mayflower Hotel Trump campaign event – have hit a snag, none are closed. One area where the committee has “hit a wall” according to Burr is the Steele Dossier, primarily due to the fact that its author, Christopher Steele, has turned down requests from the committee to talk with its members about the document.

The committee, according to the chair and co-chair, has “exhausted every person [it] can talk to” regarding Comey’s firing in relation to the investigation into Russia’s interference. Whatever conclusions the committee members have drawn from this remain to be seen.

Burr confirmed that the the committee is still pursuing collusion, but added that there are no initial findings to even report.

The senate intelligence committee will refuse to release ads purchased by Russia on Facebook, which have been turned over to the committee by the tech giant.

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