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Lt. General Jay B. Silveria Tears Racist Cadets Apart

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It’s easy to feel dismayed about US leadership these days. Each day, the nation is reminded that Donald Trump could not be less qualified to occupy the White House. Whenever tragedy strikes, he lashes out at people instead of unifying the public. This happened after Charlottesville and – as Puerto Rico struggles to overcome the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria – is happening now, with Trump calling for a boycott of the NFL because of the ongoing anthem protests instead of supporting the US territory.

Not all of the nation’s leaders, however, are dropping the ball so egregiously.

Recently, unknown cadets at the Air Force Preparatory School scribbled racial slurs on the dorm rooms of five of their black classmates. One of these slurs read “go home n**ger.”

The schools superintendent, Lieutenant General Jay B. Silveria, assembled students and faculty Thursday and offered a stinging rebuke of the racist students:

If you’re outraged by those words, then you’re in the right place. That kind of behavior has no place at the prep school, it has no place at USAFA and it has no place in the United States Air Force.

“If you can’t treat someone with dignity and respect, then get out,” Silveria concluded, repeating the line forcefully multiple times.

Watch the whole speech below:

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