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Establishment GOP Quickly Embraces Theocrat and Authoritarian Roy Moore

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In the Trump era, there have been countless think pieces postulating the demise of the Republican party. Untethered from any semblance of an idealogical foundation, the party has instead given voice to the most horrifying fringe of its constituency by rewarding politicians that pander to the nation’s basest instincts.

From stomaching Trump’s violence and childishness to equivocating on the threat posed by white supremacists, supposedly “establishment” Republicans have become little more than players in a deeply cynical game where power and political expediency take precedence over all else.

Last night in Alabama, Roy Moore defeated Luther Strange in the Republican primary to fill the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Strange lost despite have spent 10 times more on the race than Moore, who believes that Sharia law is overtaking the United States, 9/11 was God’s punishment for the nation’s sins, and homosexual intercourse should be illegal.

Oh, and that Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

As Jonathan Chait writes for New York Magazine, Republicans “have not indicated any special concern about the long-term dangers of elevating a public servant who sees the Constitution (the actual one, not the alternative theocratic version) as an impediment to white Christian rule.”

The establishment has been quick to embrace Moore, which is unacceptable. The elevation of a man hell bent on dismantling the nation’s founding legal framework in order to privilege the bigotry and privilege of an ethnic and religious few is a horrifying example of how the GOP has abdicated all political integrity.

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