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Trump’s Embarrassing, Dangerous Bluster At The UN

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On September 19, Trump took the stage infront of world leaders at the UN, confirming to dignitaries from across the globe that he is completely unfit to serve as president of the United States.

During his speech, Trump belittled North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un using his characteristic schoolyard bullying, throwing out insults such as “rocket man.” He promised to “totally destroy North Korea” in a continuation of his reckless and pointless rhetoric, which has only further exacerbated tensions in East Asia.

In a rare TV address, Jong-Un threatened to donate a hydrogen bomb in the atmosphere, a highly provocative measure that would unleash fallout into the environment. Such a test has not occurred since China executed a similiar detonation in 1980.

Far from resembling the leader of a free and democratic society, Trump himself has taken on the character of the very strongmen he threatens on the world stage. Name-calling, reductive arguments, and vitriolic bombast have superseded the careful finesse necessary for international diplomacy. There is no coherent policy behind Trump’s bluster, just insecurity, childishness, and fecklessness.

The very generals that some credit with stabilizing Trump’s ineffective and chaotic White House should do the right thing: initiate the protocols behind the 25th Amendment and push this unhinged caricature of an autocrat out of office before he does something truly earth-shattering.

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