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Common Decency Is Dead Within The Republican Party

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In another of his infantile tweet storms Sunday morning, Donald Trump retweeted a meme in which he strikes Hilary Clinton with a golf ball. The gif originated on an account that frequently posts antisemitic messages, which makes the incident part of the larger trend of Trump directly channeling the most racist and bigoted elements of his base.

Throughout the Trump era – dizzying in its tolerance for cruelty, animosity, and childishness – the GOP has only enabled the highly unqualified, failed businessman currently occupying the White House. Recall Paul Ryan’s “he’s just new to this” comment. Even when there is a temporary, fake moment of condemnation that courses through a small segment of elected Republicans, it subsides quickly, as it did after Trump’s revolting attacks on Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

The moral bankruptcy of the Republican party is absolute. Scores of “moderates” are either announcing retirement or considering it an option rather than running again. There is no longer a philosophical or idealogical facade propping up the GOP.

Craven, violent, stupid – all of Trump’s characteristics have, like parasites, found a host in one of the two largest political parties in the United States, and its members have only themselves to blame.

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