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Sessions’ Lies: AG Deceives on Crime, Dreamers

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The people of the United States are now accustomed to the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions habitually lies in order to justify his ideologically driven agenda. As a matter of course, Sessions distorts reality on a number of important issues.

Before the National Fraternal Order of Police in August, he warned that “violent crime is back with a vengeance,” and earlier this summer he said that this upsurge of violence is “not a blip, not an aberration. Capitulating to this trend is not an option for America, [and] it’s not an option for us.”

The only issue with these claims is that violent crime has – in fact – been steadily declining. Outside of a few cities (Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington, DC) murder and other forms of violence are simply occurring less frequently, a trend that has been going on for decades.

And, most recently, Sessions deceived the public regarding the economic impact of Dreamers – undocumented individuals who were brought over as children and who may face deportation as the Trump Administration pushes a repeal of DACA.

The Alabama conservative recently posited that Dreamers are taking jobs from US citizens, even though as recently as July there were 6.17 million open job positions. Dreamers number around 800,000 in total.

US unemployment is now low, around 4.4 percent, and has economy has been expanding for 99 straight months (a pattern that began before Trump took office)

Sessions has to lie in order to support his senseless, cruel positions. Stiff prison sentences and aggressive policing have failed. Punishing people who have known no other home is sadistic. The attorney general and his beleaguered and incompetent president are, quite simply, intellectually and morally bankrupt, the facts get in the way of such foolhardy polices as those currently prioritized by this abysmal administration.

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