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McCain Goes After Climate Change-Denying Republicans

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Scott Pruitt – the highly unqualified head of the EPA – remarked that it was “insensitive” to discuss climate change while Hurricane Irma bore down on Florida.

A noted climate change denier, EPA head never wants to talk about climate change. His desire to step around the conversation stems less from consideration of those impacted by the storm than a commitment to supporting the fossil fuel industry no matter the cost.

Times like these, of course, are perfect for discussing climate change. The overwhelming consensus is that there is a direct correlation between human activity, global warming, and increasing numbers of cataclysmic natural disasters.

Houston has experienced three so-called “500-year storms” in three years. Ocean levels are rising and coastal communities are being ravaged around the world.

It would be insane to not discuss climate change during emergencies such as the recent hurricanes.

There is – however – one Republican willing to voice concern over climate change during these trying times.

John McCain – the Arizona senator currently battling brain cancer – commented that he could not “divine their motives” regarding climate change denial, referring to his fellow GOP members.

“There is things happening with the climate in the world that is unprecedented,” McCain said in an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union. “We have to understand that the climate may be changing and we can take commonsense measures which will not harm the American people.”

The sooner Republicans follow his lead, the sooner the nation can take steps to mitigate the deleterious effects of carbon emissions. The clock is ticking.

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