Climate Chaos: Hurricane Irma Renders Barbuda Uninhabitable

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Radar Image Hurricane Irma

This has been a horrifying season for natural disasters. The flooding in Houston displaced tens of thousands. In Southeast Asia, 41 million people have been impacted by record-shattering monsoon rains.

Wildfires in Montana have made the air unhealthy for regional inhabitants to breath.

And, now, Hurricane Irma is wrecking unbelievable havoc throughour the Caribbean.

While far-right, anti-science public figures are actually declaring the recent spate of natural disasters a conspiracy (here’s looking at you, Rush Limbaugh), millions of people are having their lives ripped apart by climate change.

It is impossible to directly tie a single natural event to climate change, but the trends are obvious and – should certain individuals refuse to acknowledge them – they are engaging in self-defeating and dangerous politicking that will help governments justify neglecting those most vulnerable to the effects of global warming.

As Hurricane Irma rages across the Caribbean, the destruction left in its wake is giving the world a taste of what is in store. Barbuda – one half of the island nation Antigua and Barbuda – has literally been destroyed, with authorities declaring the island uninhabitable.

First it will be island nations. Then coastal cities around the world. Western elites who play politics with science must pay heed. While they may be too callous to care about the climate refugees rapidly proliferating around the globe, the fact is that this will – sooner or later – impact them, too.

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