Shocking Footage: Utah Cop Violently Arrests Nurse Who Was Upholding The Law

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Salt Lake City Police Violence

In shocking body cam footage depicting an incident that transpired earlier this year, a Utah police officer can be seen violently arresting a nurse who prevented him from breaking the law.

The police officer – Salt Lake City detective Jeff Payne – can be seen harassing nurse Alex Wubbels, as he attempts to take a blood sample from a patient without a warrant or consent.

Wubbels, who has her supervisor on the line, explains that she cannot legally do so. When the officer persists, the supervisor asks him “why are you blaming the messenger” through the phone.

“She is the one that has told me no,” Payne responds, confusingly.

“Sir, you’re making a huge mistake right now,” the supervisor then says, “because you’re threatening a nurse.”

At this point, Payne lashes out, rougly handling Wubbels as he hauls her outside and puts her in handcuffs.

As of now, Payne is still on duty and Wubbels is waiting to follow through with legal action pending the police department’s internal review.

Watch the horrifying video – via The Salt Lake Tribune – below.

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