Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help Texans Impacted By Flooding

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Trump on Hurricane Harvey Wow

Catastrophic flooding has hit Houston and surrounding areas, as rains continues in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Up to 26 inches of rain – more than half of the area’s average annual rainfall – has already fallen, and experts say that it could continue through Friday.

The coast guard alone says that it has rescued as many as 1,200 people so far, while thousands more are currently housed in shelters as homes throughout the region became uninhabitable due to rising water levels.

Houston – the country’s fourth most populated city – is reeling from the natural disaster. In a candid interview with a New Yorker reporter, one Houston-area resident who escaped the flooding in the upper floors of a neighbor’s house captures the dismal reality that she and her fellow citizens inhabit:

I just realized, it’s kind of like the stages of grief: first there’s the shock and awe, and the disbelief. And then, now, suddenly everybody is getting a little bit quieter, trying to figure out what our next steps will be.

While diaster relief agencies and nonprofits rush to Houston’s aid, there are ways that you can help. Consider donating to these highly vetted charities in order to make an impact on those caught in Hurricane Harvey’s unprecedented flooding.

Texas Diaper Bank – You can mail surplus diapers to this organization, which is distributed them to families in need in the area impacted by the flooding.

Austin Disaster Relief Network – This organization is accepting everything from blow-up mattresses to toiletries to provide displaced Texans with the resources they need right now.

Coalition for the Homeless – This Houston-based organization provides resources to the city’s homeless population, which is particularly hit by the flooding. Financial donations will help them expand their services in this trying time.

The Houston Food Bank – Donate money to this organization to help guarantee that displaced individuals have access to basic needs provisions.

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