Trump Retweets Racist (Yet Stupid) Eclipse Meme

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Trump Looks At Sun

Donald Trump sent out a racist – if confused – retweet on August 24 that dovetails with both his general cluelessness and rampant bigotry.

The meme says “THE BEST ECLIPSE EVER,” and shows an image of Trump sliding in over a black and white photo of Obama. Various other memes have played with this theme after this week’s actual eclipse, playing on the color contrast of two different subjects to depict the astronomical phenomenon.

This is quite blatantly racist, contrasting the skin tones of the 44th and 45th presidents in a crude display of support for Trump, perhaps the least popular president ever who also recently equivocated a neo-Nazi rally.

Though the metaphor kind of collapses on itself, something Twitter users were quick to point out.

In the image, Trump is taking the role of the sun blocking out the moon. This, of course, doesn’t make sense.

Race-baiting and stupid, Trump’s communications cement his legacy as a deeply unqualified president and shallow human being.

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