Fiscal Responsibility? Trump Bankrupts Secret Service

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Trump luxury vacations

Donald Trump is not popular.

From his inability to condemn white nationalists to his apparent lack of concern for dead US soldiers, the flailing president manages to infuriate people across the political system on a daily basis.

Recall earlier this year when residents in New York City were outraged that their tax dollars were going toward protection costs for Melania Trump, who had refused to move into the White House at first. The Trump family’s ostentatious lifestyle comes at a cost. The upkeep for the secret service at Trump Tower was obscene, costing NYC millions.

Melania eventually moved into the White House. But the expenses kept piling up. Mar-a-Lago weekends, golf trips, and first-class travel: the US tax payer has essentially paid to enable Trump’s extravagant lifestyle while everyday citizens continue to struggle financially.

According to Randolph “Tex” Alles – the director of the Secret Service – 1,000 agents have already hit their pay caps for the year. As the agency works overtime to cover the Trump family’s numerous properties and keep up with the ballooning costs associated with Trump’s near-constant vacationing, the Secret Service’s budget has quickly dried up.

Trump and his family are starting to look more like the royalty of yesteryear – expensive to the taxpayer, and utterly useless at practical leadership and executive management.

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