How Will Breitbart React To Bannon’s Ouster?

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Trump has informed White House aids that Bannon will not continue on in his role as senior advisor, reports emerging Friday indicate.

Bannon – the former CEO of the far-right website Breitbart – helped cultivate the “alt-right,” which in turn assisted Trump’s rise to power via a powerful digital army of trolls peddling hate-speech and anti-Clinton conspiracy theories.

Virtually since Trump’s inauguration, internecine turmoil has rocked the White House. With individuals such as Gary Cohn firmly opposed to the economic nationalism espoused Bannon, who referred to Cohn and other aids he disagreed with as “globalists.”

The term “globalist” is a dog whistle for antisemetic prejudice, which Breitbart dutifully fostered through pandering, far-right analysis of politics and current events.

Jewish protest groups – such as IfNotNow – have long battled Bannon’s position in the White House due to his white nationalist ties. Through he recently derided the “alt-right” in an interview with The American Prospect, he once bragged that Breitbart had become the de facto home for the radical right movement.

Since the early days of the Trump Administration, Breitbart has targeted Bannon’s perceived adversaries in the White House, such as Cohn and HR McMaster. Now that Bannon is out, how will Breitbart react? There was already speculation that Trump was scared to fire Bannon because of his power to turn the right-wing fringe (i.e. Trump’s core base of support) against the already flailing president.

If that were to happen, Trump’s days as president could very well be numbered.

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