Pro-Freedom Party? Republicans Want To Postpone 2020 Election

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Wing Nut Republicans Postpone Elections Trump Strongman

Among the many lies peddled by the embattled Trump, perhaps the most heinous and damaging is his claim that he only lost the popular vote due to widespread illegal voting.

This is simply not true.

No evidence exists to support this assertion. The only reason he feels compelled to rationalize his defeat in the popular vote tally is his own fragile ego. After all, the only way he could lose anything is if the other side cheated, right?

The most unfortunate aspect of this charade is that his base believes him. About half of Republican voters believe that Trump won the popular vote, which in fact lost by nearly 3 million. That’s not an insignificant number.

But, as a result of Trump repeated lies – which entrench falsehoods in minds of his admiring fans – people not only believe that there was massive illegal voting, but that the country should postpone future elections until it is “solved.”

A poll by the Washington Post found that 52 percent of Republicans support postponing the 2020 election outright, and 56 percent would support such a horrifying measure if Trump made the case for it.

Let that sink in: the Republican base is totally fine with canceling the most fundamental exercise of any functioning democracy.

Combine this with the fact that the GOP is trying its hardest to purge voters in states across the nation and enact draconian voter ID laws, and the freedom-loving rhetoric espoused by Republicans comes in to focus for what it really is: complete bullshit.

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