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Under Trump, USDA Censors Use Of “Climate Change”

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In a horrifying signal of the Trump Administration’s willingness to censor scientific truths, internal emails circulating within the USDA indicate that staff have been told to eschew references to climate change and use “weather extremes” in its place.

According to reporters at the The Guardian – who first received and reviewed the emails – a number of terms tethered to scientific reality have been blacklisted. Staff have been instructed to use euphemisms such as “resilience to weather extremes” instead of “climate change adaption” and “build soil organic matter” instead of “sequester carbon.”

This top-down rhetorical purge imitates the circuitous wordplay generated by the totalitarian government of George Orwell’s 1984.

Other leaked emails reviewed by The Guardian include missives explaining that the agency’s work on a number of vital issues such as air quality could be axed.

Trump has proven himself to be a virulently anti-environment president. In a blow to one of the most significant international achievements in the fight against climate change, Trump unilaterally pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement.

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