Trump’s Approval Rating Takes A Nose Dive In His Favorite Poll

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Least popular president in history

Since ascending to the White House, Trump has regularly singled out a single poll to show at least some degree of support among US citizens.

Rasmussen – a right-leaning pollster – has regularly generated polls that indicate a slightly higher level of approval of Trump’s performance than others. This is not to say that the numbers have shown immense popularly. For example, check out this bizarre tweet where Trump brags about an approval rating under 50 percent:

Rasmussen regularly questions “likely voters,” a demographic that leans right, thus capturing sentiment among Trump’s base.

But his relatively decent numbers at Rasmussen have taken a turn for the worse. As of the latest poll, his approval is hovering around 39 percent. This is, in fact, slightly lower than some left-leaning polls.

If this trend continues apace, the Republicans – who depend heavily on electoral support of the demographic represented by Rasmussen polling – are in deep trouble come 2018.

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