White House In Disarray: Tillerson Mulling “Rexit” As Trump Scorches Sessions

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Jeff Sessions beleaguered

Among the more interesting White House-related developments over the past couple weeks is Trump’s escalating, one-sided war of words with his very own attorney general.

Ever since Jeff Sessions recused himself from overseeing the Russia probe, Trump has been livid. Slowly but surely, the flailing president began ostracizing Sessions publicly. This first manifested through Trump’s strident criticism of his very own Department of Justice for creating a “politically correct” travel in comparison to the original, highly illegal one.

Recently, Trump’s animosity toward Sessions – one of his earliest and most ardent supporters – has reached a fever pitch. In an interview with the New York Times, Trump said he regretted appointing Sessions. And, just today, the tweeter-in-chief labled Sessions “beleaguered” while questioning his choice of priorities.

To say this is a sign of dysfunction would be an understatement. Trump doesn’t appear to recognize that so publicly lambasting the very people he brought into power is self-damning. It is an indictment of his own judgement and management skills.

To compound matters, Rex Tillerson is allegedly weighing a departure from his role as secretary of state. His reasoning? The Trump Administration’s lack of professionalism. According to close friends of Tillerson, the potential “Rexit” stems from fatigue regarding Trump’s tendency to contradict his cabinet members, hanging them out to dry.

Taken together, these stunning developments in a White House already reported to have low morale portend a rough road for Trump. With a staff constantly in flux and mired in internecine struggles, it is going to become much more difficult for Trump to remain afloat.

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