Poland Buses In Far-Right Supporters To Cheer Trump

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In a strategy that harkens back the communist era of Eastern Europe, the Polish government bused in supporters to Warsaw for Trump’s public speech during his visit this week.

The far-right Law and Justice Party of Poland – which currently controls the government – fanned the flames of Trump’s rampant narcissism, promising ecstatic crowds should he visit. Trump’s dismal popularity around much of Europe would make such a reception unlikely virtually anywhere else. In fact, a potential upcoming trip to England is being kept under wraps as organizers anticipate widespread protests, the exact opposite of what Trump longs for the most.

Then again, evidently authorities in Poland couldn’t corral enough honest support for the highly unpopular US president without providing resources to people from around the country to flock to the nation’s capital.

In terms of extremism, the Law and Justice Party dovetails nicely with Trump’s toxic brand of far-right nativism. The party has stoked jingoism and anti-EU fervor, even though its economy has greatly benefited from its membership to the European block. The party even tried to outlaw abortion completely – even in cases where of rape, incest, or a threat to the mother’s life. This highly reactionary policy was only beaten down by hundreds of thousands of protesting women who staged a wild cat strike in response.

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