Ocean Christie: Unpopular NJ Governor Vacations At Beach Closed To Public

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Chris Christie is the least popular governor in the United States, and his recent behavior has done him no favors in earning back New Jersey’s trust and support.

Due to a budget standoff with state legislators, Christie helped usher in a government shutdown this week that has closed public parks and beaches popular with the state’s residents during the July 4th weekend.

The shutdown of public land, however, didn’t stop Christie from vacationing on Island Beach State Park with his family, where there is a state-owned property reserved for the governor. In response to the public’s criticism of his family catching rays on state-owned lands that are off limits to everyone else, he responded “well, I’m sorry … they’re not the governor.”

This former Trump surrogate – who was ultimately spurned by the now flailing president – probably doesn’t care too much for his poll numbers these days. He knows that his time as an elected official is over, and he seems to be taking advantage of all the perks while he still can.

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