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Seth Abramson Makes The Case For Suspending Trump’s Twitter Account

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Everybody the world over knows: Twitter is Trump’s life force. He uses it to speak directly to his base, peddling a variety of baseless accusations, statistics, and claims. When he feels threatened, he lashes out through tweets, fighting “fire with fire,” as Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders explained when responding to questions about Trump’s vile attack on Mika Brzezinski this week.

Trump also believes he’s above the law. How else to explain his absurd recklessness intimidating witnesses, interfering in federal investigations, and dishing out blackmail threats. He may yet be in for a rude awakening as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe heats up.

He could, in fact, also feel the wrath of Twitter should the company’s leadership actually enforce the terms of use agreement that all account holders agree to. Writer and legal expert Seth Abramson recently made the case for banning Trump’s Twitter account, arguing that if everyday citizens used their accounts for achieve such nefarious ends, they would be suspended without a moment’s notice.

His argument is compelling. Considering the damage that Trump commits every time he circulates falsehoods (not to mention the personal damage he causes when he ruthlessly attacks people), Twitter could do the entire country a favor and axe Trump’s beloved @realDonaldTrump handle.

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